Welcome To Chiang Mai Circle of International School Heads


 American Pacific International School,  Christiche Deutche Schule Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai International SchoolGrace International School, Lanna International School Thailand,Nakornpayap International School, and Prem Tinsulanonda International School are working together to:

  • Foster quality education in Northern Thailand
  • Encourage diversity of educational experience within a values framework that recognizes children’s environment
  • Foster the cause of international education in Northern Thailand and promote its unique nature
  • Promote the diversity of educational philosophy among member schools
  • Inform the community of the group’s activities
  • Facilitate greater opportunities for student learning experiences through jointly organized events including but not limited to: athletics, music, college fairs, extra-curricular, and Model United Nations, (MUN)
  • Cooperate and share expenses as Group members choose, for guest speakers of interest to students, teachers, staff, and families.
  • Facilitate greater opportunities for teacher professional development (PD) through: jointly organized professional development days, conferences, and preferential registration and costs for Group members attending PD organized by a member social events.
  • Cooperate regarding the attendance and supervision of students at Group member social events.
  • To provide collegial and professional support for members and their schools.
  • Share information pertinent to the safety of students and personnel at Group schools including: pollution matters,. health concerns, current or former staff who may be detrimental to other Group schools, current or former students who may be detrimental to other Group schools, To ensure that pastoral care is provided for all members,To provide networking opportunities for staff

Cooperation to promote international school education in northern Thailand. Forge close links with other educational associations.

Through its representation on the International Association of Schools of Thailand (ISAT) it has direct access to influence the direction of international schools in Thailand.